Sportweight Socks are Super Speedy!

Naming this kit sent me into a spiraling downfall of tongue twisters! Super Speedy Stroll Sport Socks:

I love to knit socks no matter what, but I love to wear hand knit socks, too, and sometimes the demand for hand knit socks in my household surpasses my ability to produce them! So I was really excited when we introduced our Stroll Sport yarn–it makes thicker warmer socks in a fraction of the time as fingering weight. In fact, when I was working on this pattern, I knit an entire sock (for my partner’s rather large foot!) in only a bit more time than it usually takes me to swatch!

I wanted to highlight the quick-knit possibilities of this yarn, so I designed this pattern to be easy, intuitive, and modular, which means that once you get the hang of it, you can adjust it for any gauge and any weight of yarn you like. Each sock is worked as a tube, so as not to detract from the stripe pattern, with heels and toes added last.

Inspired by super simple and again-trendy athletic socks, I wrote three graphic stripe patterns for the socks, but you can knit them in a solid
color, with contrasting heels and/or toes, or with your own stripes if
you prefer! The pattern includes detailed instructions for the toes and
heels, which are worked without any short rows, and for the three
heights of socks shown. The Knee sock includes instructions for
measuring the calf and calculating the decreases in the leg.

This kit can have a new sock knitter finishing socks in no time, and might introduce a seasoned sock knitter to a newer, simpler method of knitting socks! This is my personal favorite approach, which has taken me through dozens of pairs of socks, and I’m pleased to be able to share it with you. Comments, questions, and anecdotes of your personal sock knitting preferences and experiences are welcome in the comments!