A wild hair

Since hubby and I have spent so many chilly mornings out on the lake recently, I had considered that maybe I should get him a nice sweater to wear under his jacket as another layer. And then I thought, DUH, I knit! I’ll just make him one!

As it turns out, I’d bought yarn to make him a sweater several years ago, and never got around to it. Why? Because he’s a lot bigger than me, and that is just a ton of knitting. At the time, I was still riding public transit, so lugging a big sweater around would have been quite a challenge. But now that I have my mobile S.T.A.S.H. Acquisition Unit (aka my car :)) I’m ready to tackle the challenge.

So, last Monday, I looked at what I had: 26 100-gram balls of bulky weight yarn. I swatched, got a gauge I liked, and cast on. Last night, I made it up to the armscyes!


Sure, it doesn’t look like much. Until you compare it with a sweater I made for myself:


So, where does this wild hair come in? Well, after deciding that I was going to make him this sweater, and of course make it up as I go along, I also decided that it would be a great thing for him to wear to our first camping trip of the season – in two weeks! And, he has no idea that I’m knitting this for him, so I can’t knit it around him, which means no knitting on the weekends. So, between my lunch breaks, meetings, and game nights when he’s pretty oblivious to what I’m doing, I have only about 15-20 hours to scrape the rest of this thing together.


What do you think, will I make it? Or am I kinda nutty?