Sock Summit + my first sock + Gift KAL

I snuck out of the office for a couple of hours this morning to go check out the Sock Summit marketplace with Alison and Kate. It was very educational. At the sock museum I learned the difference between a gusset and a short row heel. This is a gusset.

Who knew!?

I also touched A LOT of yarn. It was kind of like a petting zoo without any animals. I petted llama, baby camel, bison, yak, buffalo, angora bunny, mohair and cashmere goats, silk (and silk cocoons!), and a bunch of different kinds of sheep fiber. I thought the bison was especially pretty. I learned I like the long color repeats and transitions in Malabrigo and Mini Mochi. And I was especially attracted to blue yarn today. I saw the Yarn Harlot in person, but I didn’t kinnear her.

We also ran into Stephanie Bryant from Handknit Heroes, and she let us use her samples to dress up as super heroes! I think my super hero power was extra super duper strong will power, because I managed to leave the marketplace without spending a million dollars.

A couple of months ago my mom sent me a photo of a yoga sock with the words “Aren’t these cute, hint, hint.” written on top. I’m pretty sure she wants me to knit her a pair for Christmas. The only problem is I’ve never knit socks. I’ve had a gorgeous ball of Stroll Handpainted yarn in Make Believe on my desk for a couple of weeks now, but Sock Summit gave me the extra push I needed to finally cast on.

Kate, Kerin, and Nina gave me a lot of moral support yesterday when I nearly had a panic attack when they told me I needed to use size 0 needles. Size 0? Really? This seems crazy. This is as far as I’ve gotten…

…but I’m forging ahead. I have to if I’m going to have them done by Christmas!! I’m going to be working on them in the Holiday Gift KAL that Marci, Amy, and I are hosting. Come join us! I could really use your advice, and we’re going to be posting free patterns, inspirational ideas, and gift wrapping tips to help get you into the holiday spirit too. <