Sock Knitting Community Embarassment — But, I redeemed myself!

Ok, yesterday was a crazy day!! I was running behind schedule and grabbed the first pair of socks that I touched in the sock drawer. And, look what I had to deal with all day!

Store bought socks!! Yes, I have, what? – eight pairs of lovely hand-knit socks in that same drawer!! What was I thinking! No more sock selection before coffee!

This morning I redeemed myself for this blow to the sock knitting community. I love listening to the Martha Stewart channel on Sirius. Whole Living with Terri Trespicio was sending a call out for Things You Would Rather Make Than Buy as gifts. Well, hello!! Socks!!

I called and I actually got to sing the praises of sock knitting!! I hope the sock knitters will welcome me back into the fold! <