Sneak Peek: Palette Colors

You may have seen the video of the new Palette colors coming into the office and Kerin hording all the new pinks…

I thought I would show you a photo I took of my desk, which has ALL the Palette colors (new and current) arranged in color order. I was swatching some book project recolors for the November catalog, and it was a lot easier to see them all laid out like this. Good thing I have a big desk!

(Click photo for a bigger view.)

Aren’t they fabulous? I am thrilled about all the new colors we added to the line. It really feels complete. Kerin and I both love Palette and colorwork knitting so much that we’re going to be hosting a knitalong starting in August. I have a lot of ideas about what I’d like to do for the KAL, including offering alternate colorways & yarn subs for popular patterns, but I’d love your suggestions too. Is there anything cool and colorworky that you would like us to do? Any particular pattern that you’d like color combo ideas for? Leave your ideas in the comments, and I’d love to make them happen (within reason of course!).

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with another Palette photo focusing on Kerin’s beloved pinks:

Look for our Colorwork KAL and the new Palette colors at the beginning of August! <