Slant Dishcloth

When I make myself dishcloths, I tend to go towards ones that I can finish quickly (so I can use them right away – I always seem to make them when I need them the most).  I also prefer ones I can work on when doing other things like reading or watching TV so they need to be easy enough I don’t have to keep referring to the pattern.  So for my dishcloth this week, I came up with the Slant Dishcloth:


This dishcloth is knit from corner to corner and is entirely in garter stitch – so it’s easy to do and goes fast.  I think I knit this up while watching a movie!  I always like having more than one color in my dishcloths too (a good stash buster), so I switched the colors halfway through.  For increases, you are simply knitting in front & back of stitch; decreasing is just knit 2 together.  Couldn’t be simpler!


My favorite part however is the slip stitches along the edge, which gives it a nice finish on all sides.

This is also a great pattern if you want to customize it to whatever size you need – mine is a 10.5″ square but you can always stop increasing when one side is your desired length (or continue to increase if you want a bigger one).  You can also use your favorite cotton in any size for this – I chose Dishie, but this would be an adaptable enough pattern to work in something like Cotlin.

Get the pattern here:

Slant Dishcloth

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