Save 25% on Yarn Samplers

We love color in all shapes and forms – especially when it comes to yarn! So naturally, we just couldn’t help ourselves when creating all new yarn samplers. Inspired by different themes and scenes, each yarn sampler brings together a set of carefully curated colors that look beautiful and take the guess work out of color planning!

The best part? Each sampler comes with full size balls of our favorite yarns and you get to save 25% off!

Confetti Comfy Sport Samplerknit picks yarn sampler comfy sport

I absolutely adore the Confetti Sampler – these colors of Comfy Sport are so soft, cheerful and whimsical. I think it would be perfectly suited for a sweet baby blanket in a simple chevron or wavy stitch pattern.

Mediterranean Brava Sport Samplerknit picks yarn sampler brava sport

Inspired by sunsets on the coast of the Mediterranean, this Brava Sport yarn sampler is sure to add a dose of warmth and summer cheer to any project. Personally, I’m drawn to the idea of a large blanket with bold color blocked stripes – wouldn’t that be dreamy?

Fairie Forest Billow Samplerknit picks yarn sampler billow

Sprinkled with fairie dust and woodland magic (ok, maybe not…), this sampler is filled with rich earth tones and a lush mossy green for a nice pop of contrast. Again, my natural state of being leans towards blanket making at all times and this is no exception – Billow is particularly lovely in simple crochet textures and creates amazingly cozy (yet summer-friendly) blankets.

Galaxy Biggo Samplerknit picks yarn sampler biggo

Looking for a quick project that will give you out-of-this-world results? Biggo is a light and lofty yarn that knits up quickly while the galactic hues will give your yarn stash a boost! The sky is the limit with this sampler – so think big cowls, over-sized accessories or maybe a cute earflap hat with a giant multi-color pompom.

Looking for more color-curated yarn samplers? We’ve got plenty more right HERE.

What kind of projects have you made out of our yarn samplers? I’d love to know what has inspired you!

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  1. Fuego Azul / April 14, 2015

    One of these days I’m going to treat myself to a yarn sampler! These are too delicious & tempting. I’m trying very hard to deplete my overwhelming stash right now, lol.