Sasquatch sighting!

I just got back from a camping trip. I went through the Redwoods and all the way down the California coastline to Big Sur. I saw elk, otters, seals, and even jellyfish, but it figures I wouldn’t spot the most legendary creature of all, the Sasquatch, until I was back in my own backyard.

Fuzzy the Yeti/Sasquatch is our free pattern for the 2010 holiday season. He’s knit in double stranded Suri Dream and Palette so you can use natural & white or cream for a Yeti, Fedora & Bison or Bark for a Sasquatch, or transform him into a completely new mythical creature of your own invention by using any of the 100 colors in the Palette line. You can also decide if you want a snuggly plush toy sized beast or if you’d rather felt him (or her!) down into a tinier tree ornament. The possibilities are endless.

Everyone in the Knit Picks office has caught Yeti fever (what can I say? We live in the Pacific NW!). Stacey, Kate, Alison, Nina, and Amy will be posting photos of their own Fuzzies soon.

Join in the fun and download the pattern here to knit one of your very own. If you knit a Sasquatch (or Yeti!), post your photos in our holiday KAL, we’d love to see them!!