Santa Hats on Parade!

Last year when Brooke Higgins designed Sheldon’s career costumes, she also made him a cute little Santa hat. When Melissa was working on the design for Grumpy, the lump of coal, we realized that if she knit the hat out of Palette instead of Shine, it would be Grumpy sized instead of Sheldon sized. Well, that got us thinking… What if you knit the same pattern out of Andean Treasure? Or Gloss Lace? Or Suri Dream? So we all started knitting Santa Hats out of different yarns. It turned into a bit of a race.

Melissa threw down the gauntlet and knit her hat out of Palette for Grumpy in only 52 minutes.

Stacey tried to beat her, but clocked in at 1 hour using Swish Worsted.

I knit my City Tweed HW hat in a respectable 1 hour and 16 minutes.

We thought Alison had Melissa beat, she knit her Andean Treasure hat in 41 minutes.

But then Kerin put us all to shame by knitting her hat in Risata in only 31 minutes.

Kerin’s hat is hanging out with Amy and Katie’s hats. Amy tested out the pattern in Gloss Lace for and used them to top off some of her snowpeople. Katie made hers a Hanukkah hat by using Lullaby Stroll Hand Painted and Bare for the trim and pom pom.

Marci, our bulky yarn connoisseur, used Wool of the Andes Bulky and Suri Dream for her Santa hats.

And Kate gave CotLin a try.

The pattern is available for free here, if you want to join in on the fun. How quick can you knit a Santa hat?