Same great patterns, new format!

I’ve got an exciting announcement!

We’ve partnered with a small, US-based publisher to bring you our eBook collections in full-color, high-quality printed editions! You can find them in our New Books section.

Right now, the American Prairie and Uptown Chic collections are available in this format.

The quality of these books makes them perfect for pattern collectors, gifts, or just to have a physical, dog-ear-able, highlight-able, cross-out-your-rows version of these great titles. All of the patterns in these collections are now available in three formats: in a printed book of six patterns for $14.99, a downloadable PDF eBook for $9.99, or as individual pattern downloads for $4.99 each. Now, you can get these great pattern collections in the format you like best!

Look for more of our eBook titles in printed format in the future!