Roxy Lady!

I must admit, there’s something about foxes that I think is totally adorable. I think of them as ‘puppy kittens’. Just too cute! So, when we were all throwing ideas back and forth about what would make a cute stuffed animal, it just had to be a fox! When I went to swatch to get gauge for Roxy Fox, I couldn’t stop. I ended up with most of Roxy and both her pups.

What I love about these little guys is how they showcase a really cool quality of Suri Dream – its fluffiness. What’s interesting about Suri Dream, though, is that when knit at a tighter gauge, it doesn’t look that fuzzy at all. The stitch definition is pretty remarkable, considering what it looks like in the ball!

Even though that’s the right gauge to keep the stuffing in, it wasn’t ‘foxy’ enough. I swiped my cats’ brush (they didn’t miss it) and played around with the amount of brushing that would make it ‘perfect’.

The little ‘swatch pup’ came out so cute! But nothing compared with the real thing.

Can you resist the cute?

There’s just something about a fuzzy, warm little pal to make the winter blues disappear. And when you combine that with knitting, well, who could resist? 🙂 <