Rocket Pop Sock Progress

I knit socks slow, and my current sock project, which I blogged about last May, is the slowest one I’ve done yet! I mean, I did take time off the knit a couple of sweaters, and finish another pair of socks, and finish my Tiger, and ribbing takes me such a long time (thrower here!), and so much of this project is in plain old white yarn in 2 by 2 rib, and, and….

It’s one of those project where the plan for the finished item is compelling enough to keep me going even if the knitting is a little mundane. My passionate desire for rocket pop socks only increases as I work on these, and so I’m pretty confident that they will get finished, sooner or later! As you can see, I’m past the halfway point and about to reach the blue section, which will be a lot more interesting as I get to see how my weird dye job knits up.