Rainbow in the Sun


I finished the worsted weight cardigan for my two year-old!  It was the perfect Fall layering option for a birthday party at the pumpkin farm this weekend. As I mentioned before, I almost always knit with fingering weight yarn, but as my babies get older and we continue to be busy, it’s hard for me to complete garments in any decent amount of time. This one (here’s the free pattern) was quick, easy (I left off the embellishments, I thought it was too much) and had really sweet results in no time. My daughter really enjoyed running through the rows of sunflowers in it…


…as well as all the other farm activities: sniffing flowers, touching gourds….



I used Swish Worsted for the cardigan, for ease of machine washability. The body is in the colorway Dove Heather, while the stripes are Serrano, Orange, Honey, Peapod, Twilight and Eggplant. I knit the size 2T, and the only change I made to the pattern was to add that stripe in Eggplant, instead of two gray stripes, at the finish of the yoke. My favorite detail is that I finished one sleeve in stripes of Serrano and Orange, the body in Honey and Peapod, and other sleeve in Twilight and Eggplant, so it’s a horizontal rainbow at the bottom, too!


When I chose to knit it in gray, I sort of regretted that it wasn’t a light blue, as if the rainbow had broken through the clouds onto sunny sky. Turns out, you don’t need to refer to the sunny sky, if your toddler wears her handknits on such a stunningly gorgeous day!

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  1. Amy W / October 20, 2014

    I love your version of this sweater! I will be knitting one for my daughter, using your colors. Grey is the perfect background for those beautiful rainbow stripes.