The Sweetpea Blanket

My brother recently welcomed his first child, the glorious and wee Margot Sweetpea Marie Wells. With a name like that, I knew I would have to up the cuteness factor for the blanket I was making her. I choose this sweet pattern, paired with our oh-so-soft Comfy cotton yarn. While of course nothing can even tiptoe close to matching Miss Sweetpea’s radiant adorableness, I am quite pleased with the blanket and think the little lady will be too.
The Sweetpea Blanket

The Sweetpea Blanket
The pattern was incredibly easy that I bet even Miss Sweetpea could crochet it herself. Just double and single crochets!
The Sweetpea Blanket
I used 9 skeins of Comfy White, and one skein each of Seafoam, Honeydew, Creme Brulee, Carrot, Zinnia, Lilac Mist. My blanket is larger than the pattern, measuring 34″ x 34″, compared to the pattern 24″ x 23″. Also, I wanted a big, chunky border, which added about 2 skeins of White to the list.

The Sweetpea Blanket
The fair lady herself:

Miss SweetpeaMiss Sweetpea


  1. Dorothy / August 20, 2014

    I’m starting this for my grandchild! Thanks for the inspiration. Can you share details on your border? Did you use the original pattern and just keep going? Or something else? Love it!

  2. Christine / August 7, 2014

    I am in search of a blanket to make for my friend’s baby, this one looks amazing! I love the edging you gave it. What does it look like from the wrong side?

    • Heidi W / August 7, 2014

      It looks exactly the same! 🙂

      • Christine / August 7, 2014

        Well that is great 🙂

  3. Diana / August 5, 2014

    This is so wonderful!! I love it, I just ha a baby 3 months ago and I want to leave work and start this blanket for her this minute. I mean… What? I don’t read knit picks blogs at work 😉 congratulations on your neice!

    • Heidi W / August 5, 2014

      Ha ha … I know the feeling! I am quite lucky to have a job where I can crochet during meetings. 🙂 Congrats on your little one!

  4. Jamie / August 5, 2014

    She’s beautiful!

    Adorable little one and beautiful blanket to celebrate her entrance to the world.

    Congratulations !

  5. Dani / August 5, 2014

    As Sweetpeas mom, I 1,000% approve. I can’t wait to bundle her up in this, it is perfect and adorable (like her).

  6. Maria Kohl / August 5, 2014

    After seeing little Sweet Pee, It is quit obvious seeing that the name belongs to her. The blanket is beautiful. And quite suitable for Sweet Pee. I love that it is cotton and can be washed regularly. If I had a little one coming into the family

    • Heidi W / August 5, 2014

      Thank you for the kind words, Maria! It is striking how snugly her name suits her 🙂

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