Pom Pom Love, Part 2: Thanksgiving!

In the last installment of our series about creative ways to use pompoms, we made fun objects that kids could enjoy. With Thanksgiving just around the corner (hard to admit, isn’t it?) let’s look at 3 fun ways pompoms, made with luxurious Diadem yarn for an extra luxe look, can enhance your holiday home.


These pompom place cards are a fun way to decorate your table and tell your guests where they should sit. Add a colorful pompom to placeholders you already own, make simple ones from cardboard, or as a special treat stitch up some of our needlework blanks with your guests’ names. They come as key chains or pendants and would be such a great personalized gift for your friends and family to take home at the end of the meal, don’t you think?


Let’s talk about your entry way, or a hallway, or a table that just needs a bit of height and something dramatic. How about gathering some of those branches from the storm last night,placing them in a big vase, and making some pompoms to hang on them? I used Diadem in the colors Copper, Platinum, Obsidian, Emerald, and Gold to create a palette perfect for Fall.


The Clover Pompom Makers are the easiest way to make pompoms in all sizes. I used the green, pink, and yellow ones to make pompoms of various sizes. I put different colors in each side, or held two colors together to make speckled pompoms! With a firmly established palate, it’s fun to go a little crazy.


Want to say something special on your holiday pies? Pie bunting made with pompoms (I used Diadem Obsidian and Platinum) adds a touch of whimsy.


String up some beads with a special message and everyone will read it as they bend down to cut themselves a generous slice. You don’t need dowels to hold the bunting, either, when your Sunstruck Knitting Needles will do just the trick. Play a game, and see if the other crafters at your table can identify what you’ve used!


You can also label your pies with pompoms! These sweet apples, made from Diadem in Ruby and Pearl, tell your guests that the apple pie is right this way. I got lots of inspiration from this book, illustrating techniques for so many amazing pompoms for all occasions.


I hope we’ve given you some inspiration on how to use pompoms in slightly classier way, while still bringing lighthearted fun to your Thanksgiving. Special thanks to West Elm , where you can find all the decor in these photos. They offer a free home design service, too! Also, a big thank you to Whole Foods on 15th & Fremont St. in NE Portland for their amazing homemade and local pies. We hope you’ll have pies this delicious on your Thanksgiving table this year! Next up: A PomPom Christmas.