Podcast Episode 327: Modular Knits and Easy-Care Yarns

We’re back from our short hiatus in August with some fresh crafting conversations for you! With the warm weather winding down and holiday season quickly approaching, we’re shifting gears at Knit Picks. This week, we’re covering modular projects like blankets and afghans and the easy care yarns that are our go-to choices for long lasting machine washable projects. 

Perfect for cool weather, modular blankets are our favorite things to knit for ourselves or gift during the holidays. These projects will grow and change with every row you knit and they’re one of the most mesmerizing knits that we come back to time and time again. Stacey and Lee talk about our new Modular Blanket collection and Stacey shares her favorite way to pick up stitches for perfectly joined pieces. 

Next, Erica and Hannah talk through the wonderful category of washable yarns! Also called “easy care” these fibers are fun to knit and can be safely washed in your home machine. They both love to use yarns in this genre for gift knits because it takes the mystery and worry out of caring for those precious projects. Stay tuned to discover a new-to-you yarn and hear tips and tricks for choosing and caring for these fibers. 

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Mentioned in this Episode:
Hue Shift Blanket Pattern 
Cloudy Day Throw Pattern 
Outline Throw Pattern 
Buffalo Throw Pattern 
Rainflake Throw Pattern 
Traditions Afghan Pattern 
Joinery Blanket 
Flash Forward Blanket 
Squared Blanket 
Block Party print book 
Block Party eBook 
A couple of patterns by Lee which are modular with no picked up stitches and no seaming:
Vanguard hat and
Triyang Collection Shawls 
Learn To Knit Kit
Learn to Knit
Brava (Sport, Worsted, Bulky)
Snuggle Puff
Chroma Twist
Mighty Stitch

0:00 Introduction
1:22 Lee and Stacy talk modular knits
17:20 Knit Picks Learn to Knit Box Subscriptions
18:25 Hannah and Erica talk about easy-care yarns
38:48 Credits