Podcast Episode 315: Knitting Needles and Knitting Cables

Today we’re going back to basics! First up, Stacey and Hannah share some insights into knitting needles. The most essential knitting tool, no matter your technique, pattern or yarn, choosing the right needles for each project is the very first step and can make a huge difference in your journey. Whether you’re dedicated to DPNs or curious about Interchangeable Needles, Stacey and Hannah cover the basics of needle selection.

Next, Gerda and Lee dig deep into the intricacies of knitting cables. One of the most impressive techniques, cables offer heaps of visual interest once you learn a few simple steps. They even describe how to cable without a cable needle and demystify some of the ways people use the word “cable” within knitting.

Lastly, the Knit Picks Podcast has a brand new voicemail for you to call in with questions or comments. We’ll be checking it regularly and using your calls in later episodes as part of our Q&A segments. To leave a voicemail call 360-334-4847 and record your message, we’d love to hear from you. Please know that if you leave us a voice message, we will use it for the podcast.

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Mentioned in this episode:

Choosing the right needles
Straight Needles
Double Pointed Needles
Interchangeable Needles
Fixed Circular Needles
Majestic Foursquare Interchangeable Needle Set
Sunstruck Wood Interchangeable Needle Set with Green Cables
Knit Picks Entwined Collection
Introduction to Cables!
Wood Cable Knitting Needles
Cable Needle (V)
Cable Needle (U)

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Introduction with Hannah
0:49 – Hannah and Stacy talk about knitting needles
17:37 – New Knit Picks Podcast phone number!
18:05 – Lee and Gerda talk about knitting cables
27:59 – Credits

As always, happy crafting!


  1. Susan Garner / April 29, 2020

    Loved your podcast about different types of knitting needles and cabling!
    I have two sets of your interchangeable circular needles and it has been years since I made a fisherman’s cable vest! I still have and love it! My favorite things to knit have been baby blankets and matching hats, however, I’ve knitted so many socks for so many friends in years past, that’s when I used the interchange circular needles!
    I retired from teaching art and advertising and graphic design in 2012, and after hearing your podcast, y’all make me want to break out my needles and all my different types of yarns and start knitting! So thanks, ladies! Love y’all!💗

  2. Katia / February 5, 2020

    Hello ladies……I recently discovered your podcast. I am listening to it on my commute, and it is fantastic! Keep up the good work. Happy Knitting!