Podcast Episode 225: Interview with Megan Goodacre

This week, Kelley had the pleasure of chatting with the wonderfully talented Megan Goodacre! In addition to her pattern collection Study Hall Knits, Megan’s long list of knitting accomplishments includes authoring the brand new Idiot’s Guide: Knitting! After talking about Megan’s inspiration and design process for Study Hall Knits, Kelley discusses the book writing process with Megan and highlights a few of her favorite parts of this wonderful guide to knitting.


You can find more of Megan’s work here:

IDP Patterns by Megan Goodacre
Study Hall Knits eBook
Study Hall Knits printed book
Idiot’s Guide: Knitting
Tricksy Notebook Knitters Graph

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  1. Margaret / October 14, 2013

    A friend of mine has asked me to teach her to knit and the “Idiot’s Guide” sounds like a wonderful resource to share with her. I do have question before I order it: does it include Continental knitting? (I only knit Continental, so that’s the way I’ll need be teaching my friend.)

    • Knit Picks Podcast / October 14, 2013

      Hi Margaret! This book does give an overview of Continental knitting, though most of the step-by-step instructions are shown with the English style/holding the yarn in your right hand.