A brand new Hue!

One of our most popular kits, the Hue Shift Afghan, is back – and with two new colors!

Of course we have the original Rainbow and Decor colorways available:

But we now also have two brand new kits, for the Jewel and Baby colorways. Jewel brings together the richest colors Brava has to offer…

…While the Baby colorway takes advantage of Brava’s fantastic array of cheerful pastels.

Each kit comes with 12 balls of Brava Sport in 11 different colors. If you missed out on the kit last time it was available, now’s your chance to pick one up! Or, create your own colorway and purchase the downloadable pattern, which includes schematics for all four colorways. Any way you look at it, the Hue Shift Afghan is a fantastic project that will bring a splash of color into your home.



  1. Billie k alexander / October 17, 2013

    I love the new hue pattern!

  2. Linda / October 17, 2013

    I love this pattern; have it started in baby patterns. Would love to do this new hue, too.

  3. Anne / October 17, 2013

    This is so beautiful. Love the new colours. I’ d love to knit it.

  4. Karen / October 16, 2013

    Very, very beautiful pattern!

  5. ld / October 14, 2013

    There are SO many ends that need to be worked in and I really hate working in ends. Is there some magical way to minimize this that escapes me?

    • Michelle / October 14, 2013

      I weave them in as I go since more than likely I won’t actually give this a firm blocking. A few ends woven in here and there is a lot better than weaving in all of them at the end!

    • Ashley / October 14, 2013

      I’m doing this blanket now, and you might already be doing this, but I don’t cut whatever color carries through to the block on top of it, whether I ended with that color or not. So then I’m only weaving in one color per block instead of 2, except for the beginning and end of the column. I also weave them in as I go and that helps.

  6. Cassandra / October 14, 2013

    I was just wondering how long you would have the baby colorway set available? I want to make it for myself but don’t have the money for it right now. 🙁

  7. Laura from beautiful West Michigan / October 14, 2013

    I have been looking for an afghan to make for my soon to be six year old son that would incorporate some of the color he requested – Pink! – but not too much. I already purchased the pattern, and have been dying to make it, so now I will be making the Baby Colors one for him!

    PS – Will the pattern I purchased with just the two colorways be updated?

    • Karla (threadbndr) / October 17, 2013

      You should totally do the ‘jewel’ one. It looks to have his pink in the bottom right and is sophistacated enough to work all the way into his college days.