Podcast Episode 217: New Yarn and Pattern Collections for July

This week, Jenny and Stacey get a chance to chat about all of the wonderful new yarns and collections coming out this month! First and foremost is our brand new crochet thread, Curio. Hear all about our lovely new #10 crochet thread and get inspired with pattern ideas.

Following the crochet theme, Jenny and Stacey introduce Serenity, our first ever collection of crochet designs featuring 8 independant designers.

Next, Jenny and Stacey talk about the other three new pattern collections including Light Basics – a collection of garments and accessories all knit in fingering weight yarn, Reversible Basics – a collection that incorporates reversible patterns and details into the designs and Ballerinas in Pink, a collection inspired by turn of the 20th century French fashion and art. Finally, Jenny and Stacey give a few highlights and suggestions from the summer yarn and book sale.

You can find all four of our new collections at the links below (available as ebooks, printed books, and individual pattern downloads):

Serenity Crochet Collection
Light Basics
Ballerinas in Pink
Reversible Basics

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  1. Amanda / June 25, 2013

    Love the Curio colors! Do you think Curio could be suited for lace-weight garment patterns, such as Featherweight (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/featherweight-cardigan)? Or would it be too stiff?

    • admin / June 25, 2013

      I have only been obsessively working on doilies out of Curio, so I can’t speak directly on how it would work for a knitted garment. The featherweight cardigan in particular does use larger needles, which should open it up and make it drapier – but, my best advice would be to make a very large sized swatch in the gauge called for in the featherweight cardigan, wash, and block like you plan on caring for your garment and then see if the feel and drape is a good fit for you.

  2. Frances / June 21, 2013

    I just listened to the podcast and I am excited for the Curio crochet thread. I just purchased Crochet so fine book by kristin omdahl and plain to work my way it and this thread will work out nicely.