Podcast Episode 206: Interview with Frances Fisher

In this week’s episode, Kelley talks with Frances Fisher – a knitter
from North Carolina who is 87 years young and has over 200 pairs of
socks to her name! Back in early 2011, Frances sent one of her
“hodgepodge socks” to Kelley as a gift. Having kept in touch over paper
mail and email, Kelley and Frances have become friends with a shared
obsession over all things yarn. Kelley chats with Frances about her
unique take on socks and what her process is for creating her
“hodgepodge socks.”

Frances was kind enough to share a few photos of her creations! Below is a picture of her socks that were framed in a shadow box as a gift which Kelley and Frances refer to in the podcast. Click on the picture to see a gallery that shows off more of Frances’s colorful socks!


      Hodgepodge Socks, knitted by Frances Fisher

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  1. stephanie / August 11, 2013

    Kelley – This was your best podcast EVER. I think you have found your niche. We need to have recorded interviews with knitters – and let’s begin with everyone 87 and older. I could have listened to Frances for hours. She could do a whole podcast on just the story of knitting ties for boys in college… this interview was too short. These podcasts are too hidden on this site. I think you need your own youtube channel where you interview knitters or something. Frances – you are delightful! Loved it! Stephanie

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