Assembling Your Sonata Spinning Wheel

Moving from a drop spindle to a spinning wheel can be a fun and exciting change – but if you are completely new to spinning wheels, it can also feel a bit overwhelming. Not only are you changing from a small, portable tool to one that is larger and more stationary – but there is also a whole new world of terminology to learn.

Although there are different styles and variations, the main parts
and mechanics of a spinning wheel remain fairly consistent. So if you’re new to scotch tension, break bands, and mother-of-alls; we’ve made a video tutorial that shows just how easy it is to assemble the Kromski Sonata spinning wheel.

When I first transitioned from a drop spindle to a spinning wheel, it took a bit of time (and lots of Wool of the Andes roving!) to get a feel for the whole process. I remember one afternoon when I was on the verge of giving up, I tried to let go of the stress and worry of making it look “right” and instead relaxed and focused on enjoying the process and the fiber. And then at one point in the afternoon, something clicked and made all of the different parts align and make sense! I learned on a single treadle wheel and have since moved to a double treadle wheel (the Kromski Fantasia) – which I am really enjoying working on.

But I do have to admit, I am kind of in love with the Kromski Sonata that we used for the video. Mainly because it folds in half and comes with a large backpack-type bag to store and carry your wheel around! Your wheel is safe, sound, and secure in the padded bag and I can already picture myself bringing the Sonata along to fiber festivals or over to a friends house.

What is your dream spinning wheel?