Podcast Episode 188: The Afterthought Method

Afterthought pockets, thumbs, heels are exactly what you might expect them to be – they are all worked into your project after the fact.  This week, Kelley delves into the afterthought method, explores its many different uses for this trick, and covers the basics of how to work an afterthought heel. Next, Kelley shares her favorite form of entertainment while knitting – audiobooks, of course! Kelley chats about her love of all things audiobooks, including Audible and her favorite narrators and titles. In addition to her go-to selection of audiobooks, Kelley also shares her favorite way to get her history fix. And listening to all those audiobooks and history lectures makes it so easy to knit for hours on end, allowing you to finish up that last project. Finally, hear all about what projects have  been on (and recently off) Kelley’s needles in addition to what projects might be cast on next.

To learn more about the afterthought method:

Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Afterthought Thumb, Knit Picks Tutorials


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