Podcast 310 – Knitting Fears Realized

Halloween, the SPOOKIEST time of year may have come and gone, but our offices and crafting queues are still haunted by scary decorations and seasonal knits.

While we’re still making cute ghosts, leaves and pumpkins and enjoying treats with cinnamon and spice, we thought it would be the perfect time to cozy up with some spooky themed podcast segments. 

First up, Lee and Morgan chat about their knitting fears! Trying new projects or techniques can be intimidating so they’ve come up with some tips and tricks to make the whole process easier. 

Next, light some candles and settle in with a cozy blanket while we share some scary stories! Listen along to knitting nightmares with happy endings and surprising twist that are sure to get your heart (and your needles) racing!

Face your knitting fears with us at www.knitpicks.com/

Episode timestamps:

00:00 – The ‘Welcome’ by Hannah
00:52 – Knitting Fears with Lee and Morgan
15:40 – Knitting Horror Stories:
15:49 – The Favorite Cardigan by Stacy
18:13 – Obliterated Stitches by Lee
20:07 – ‘Twas the Night before NIGHTMARE by Erica
21:57 – Lost Yarn by Hannah
23:22 – The Monsters That Make by Morgan
24:52 – Credits with Hannah

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  1. Connie / November 8, 2019

    Very enjoyable! Glad I discovered your podcast.