Podcast 308: Luxury Lane
Fluffy Aloft, held double, brings a sense of luxury and timelessness to this otherwise simple pullover.

In this episode, we’re taking a trip down luxury lane. It’s the perfect time of year to treat yourself (or that special someone on your gift list) to handknits in our premium fibers. Our newest pattern collection, Cadence, showcases these luxury yarns in garments and accessories that are both simple AND stunning. Stacey and Lee go behind the scenes and discuss all the careful considerations and lovely details that went in to each pattern.

Alexis and Hannah also dig deep into what makes Luxury yarns special! From Alpaca to Silk and Cashmere, we’ve never had this many oh-so-soft yarns available at once. Listen in to learn about Micron counts and the mysterious world of Alpaca fibers.

As always, happy listening and happy crafting!

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