Podcast 296 – Adventure Awaits and Muse

One of the innumerable things that we love about knitting is as a means to discover the world around us. Our newest yarn and knitting pattern collection are opportunities to take this both figuratively and literally. The collection, Adventure Awaits, is selection of rugged, practical projects to make all of your outdoor explorations easier, while newly introduced yarn, Muse, lets us bring the fiber mills and dye shops of Japan directly to you.

To start, Stacey talks with Erica about Adventure Awaits to explore this new collection and the fine and functional knits and yarns it showcases.

After that, Knit Picks Vice President Alison joins Daniel to enthuse about the fabulous fiber and amazing colorways of Muse Hand Painted and Muse Hand Painted Tonal.

Every colorway of Muse Hand Painted and Muse Hand Painted Tonal


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  1. TheLadyJAK / March 16, 2019

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  3. Donna / March 10, 2019

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  5. joyce / March 7, 2019

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