Podcast 257: Luxurious Lace

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That’s right, we’re reviving the Knit Picks Podcast! In each episode we’ll be exploring a knitting theme, featuring Knit Picks staff members discussing their favorite topics. We hope you’ll be able to get to know some of the people behind your favorite brand, including maybe a little insight into how and why we do things around here.

Luxurious Lace

Knit Picks Podcast Episode 257 - Luxurious Lace Collection

In honor of our newly released advanced lace collection, Luxurious Lace, we’ll be talking about all things lace. Starting at 00:40, Stacey and Emily, the pattern coordinator and graphic designer who worked on the collection, will be talking about lace charts. They discuss our intention behind using lace charts, reveal a little of the process of actually getting the charts into the book, as well as presenting their own thoughts on what *really* makes a good knitting chart. After that, Knit Picks’ Director, Alison, talks with me to review all of the lace yarns available from Knit Picks, from our humble, heathered hero, Shadow, to the star of the collection, our 100% silk Luminance. Since Alison is more or less a walking yarn encyclopedia, you might be surprised what you learn, starting at 9:00.

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  1. Audrey / June 22, 2017

    I am SO excited. I’ve really missed this podcast.