Picking Up Stitches Video Lesson (now in High Definition!)

Have you ever gotton to a part in your pattern where you see the phrase, “pick up and knit?” Sometimes patterns simply write just pick up x amount of stitches. If this is a new technique to you, it can be somewhat confusing deciphering just what exactly to pick up and what to knit.

In our latest video lesson, we focus on just that – how to pick up stitches! Kerin covers everything you need to know about picking up stitches to make your project a success. Learn how to pick up stitches along the sides of your knitting (row-wise) as well as along the cast on or bind off edges. Kerin starts with a stockinette stitch swatch for both the sides and top/bottom edges. Next up, Kerin shows you to do the same thing but with a garter stitch swatch. Combining these two techniques in both stockinette and garter stitch fabric allows you to create a nice, finished look to any project. You can also use these techniques to create added strength and even to create fun shapes.

Also, another big annoucement – we are shooting in full HD quality for our videos now, including the new lesson on Picking Up Stitches! You can check it on the Knit Picks Channel on youtube here.

This lets you to see every stitch in detail, allowing you to clearly see just where the needle moves to and which stitch it is going into. To make sure you are streaming the highest quality, simply click the button that says 360p to the right of the timeline and select 1080p. And there you have it – crisp and clear images that make following along a snap.

Keep an eye out for more video lessons, classes and quick how-to clips all in high definition quality.