Olympic Fever

So who’s taking part in the Knitting Olympics/Ravelrympics? I actually kept putting off my project – I did a sweater during the Summer Olympics a year & half ago and thought I might do another – but I want to finish the sweater I currently have on the needles. I hemmed & hawed and told people here I probably wouldn’t take part…then Friday I suddenly choose a project at the last minute.

Temple Cats!

I have been in love with this pattern even before Suzanne submitted it to IDP. I haven’t done a lot of stranded color work so I decided the time was right for this pattern. I had some old Merino Style in my stash that would work well so I was all set!

I cast on during the Opening Ceremonies – which I loved, especially the tattooed tap dancing fiddle players. Though I am super annoyed that we do not get it live here on the West Coast – I mean Vancouver BC is only 6 hours away from us here in the Portland area! Grr.

I worked pretty quickly that evening – it was much easier than I thought it would be & the pattern is absolutely wonderful.

Sorry for the rotten cell phone photos!

I worked off & on all day on Saturday and by the end of the day I had the kitties!

Since my sweetheart happens to be 3000 miles away, I had most of Sunday to work on it and I was determine to finish! And by 4:30pm I had done it!

Yah! This was pre-blocking because I was so excited to finish – blocking really does make a difference. Mine is much slouchier than the original (which isn’t a slouchy hat at all) – partly because of my yarn choice/gauge but also because I happen to prefer them (I am officially the Slouchy Hat queen at work). If I was to do it again, I would probably do it more like the original. I love the cat design so much – in fact, with my leftovers I am planing on making fingerless mitts with the cat motif on them, though each hand will have the colors reversed. 🙂

Hope you all have had a great Olympic weekend with your projects!