Not trying to tempt you, or anything.

There has been some buzz around about the lovely new bright blue Palette:) So I thought I’d give y’all a closer look.

The color is Cyan, and let me tell you – it really, really is Cyan! If you’re a fan of blue printer ink, you are going to love this one. Personally, I think it’s an awesome ‘pop’ color for colorwork designs. It’s not a really warm or a particularly cool blue, so it sets off greys and browns quite well. I think it looks darn good with hot pink, but then doesn’t everything?

My favorite new additions to Palette (Though it’s a close call with everything else we just added) is definitely the new beachy-peachy colors: Mai Tai Heather, Conch and Rose Hip.

They are bright without being overbearing, which i really love. They really capture the ‘pop’ of the natural rosy peach colors you’d find in a flower or shell.
And then there’s the new purples (you can just see some in the above image). Oddly, I’m not a real purple person, yet about half the yarn that appeals to me is purple. So when Mulberry, Lantana and Ladyslipper rolled into our office, I really couldn’t resist. I may just be doing something with them in the upcoming Colorwork Knitalong that Melissa is starting soon… you’ll have to join and find out! <