Not really thrilled with my work

During Sock Summit I had a friend come with me to pick out yarn for a pair of socks. She was drawn to the colors in the Three Irish Girls booth. 

Since I had a limited amount of yarn, I decided to knit toe-up socks. I chose a stitch pattern with small twists of traveling stitches. I thought is would work well with the delicate colors of the yarn. Last night, it finally dawned on me that I had become very unhappy with the look. After so many years, I know that I must admit it when I’m not satisfied with my knitting. So,


I had Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting book on my desk. I suspected that bigger, more dramatic cables or plaits or openwork, would work better. I am going to have four of these columns going up Cindy’s sock. 

Today it is cloudy, a bit chilly and definitely feels like autumn. I will be quite happy settling in this evening with a cup of tea to give Cindy’s socks a second try.