New Lace Collection: Sojourn

Sojourn: A Knit Lace Collection is a book (or eBook) of fourteen delicate lacy shawls, stoles, and wraps with lots of variation, making it great for experienced lace knitters as well as knitters looking to up their lace game!

Sojourn: A Knit Lace Collection book cover

In Sojourn, you’ll find pi and half-pi shawls (these are Lunulata by Joyce Fassbender & Fenestra by Ruth Nguyen):

Lunulata and Fenestra shawls

You’ll see big, wide rectangles (these are Shetland Flowers by Fiona Munro & Eden Lace by Jenny Williams):

Shetland Flowers and Eden Lace shawls

There are crescents and curved triangles (these are Larix Decidua by Caroline Steinford & Crystallize by Claire Slade)…

Larix Decidua and Crystallize shawls

…medium-sized triangles (these are Jardin Des Fleurs by Jenny Williams & English Ivy by Kalurah Hudson)…

Jardin Des Fleurs and English Ivy shawls

…and giant triangles! So many triangles!

Shetland Mosaic and Finella shawls

The projects in Sojourn are knit in a variety of lace-weight and fingering-weight yarns. The above two—Shetland Mosaic by Magda Stryk Therrien & Finella by Allison LoCicero—are both made in fingering weight (Gloss & Palette), for chunkier, cozier, squishier lace. The below two—Doretta by Irina Lyubaeva & Dilaridae by M K Nance—are both made in shiny, lace-weight Luminance, for much more delicate and luxurious vibes.

Doretta and Dilaridae shawls

And there’s even one project with optional beaded edging! This is Lumme by Susanna IC:

Lumme beaded shawl

The book is available printed and as an eBook download, or you can grab patterns individually (head to the print book or ebook page to get to all the individual pattern pages) if there are only one or two that catch your eye.


  1. Sharyn Reed / July 5, 2019

    Love this lace book Hope I can get it

  2. Ruth / July 2, 2019

    Thanks for this post, Lee! I just wanted to mention that Caroline Steinford doesn’t appear to be credited above for Larix Decidua.

    • Lee Meredith / July 3, 2019

      Oh thank you for catching that! I don’t know how I missed it!