Needlepoint with Palette

One of the first things I spotted when I joined Pinterest was Karen Barbe’s beautiful diagram of a needlepoint leaf stitch. The chunky yarn, texture of the stitches and overall “squishability” of the stitch instantly caught my imagination. So, I stopped by a craft store on my way home and picked out a roll of needlepoint canvas and set about picking through my Palette stash the minute I walked in the door. I didn’t want to go too 60’s with my color palette so I decided to try for stripes of colors. The first row would be lighter than the second in each band of color to create smoother transitions between each band.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! Even though it’s a very small pillow (about 5.5 x 6.5 inches) the colors are mesmerizing. I stuffed the pillow with wool roving to give it a firm, squishy texture
(I’ve always preferred stuffing my sewing and knitting projects with
wool because the end result has a much more satisfying density than any of the synthetic materials I’ve been able to find in craft stores). I also decided to sew the pillow from the last bit of 100%
wool felt I had in my stash. Other than the thread and underlying
canvas, this is a very wooly little project!

From top to bottom I used Turmeric, Cornmeal, Edamame, Green Tea
Heather, Whirlpool, Sky, Oyster Heather, White, Rosehip, and Mai Tai
Heather. I would love to do another (bigger) version with bigger canvas and Wool of the Andes sport or worsted weights. I think this would be a great way to make little sachets of lavender for my dresser or cedar to keep those pesky moths away from all my wool goodies!