My Finished Grey Blanket

What was that?

Alison only uses three colors, and they’re light grey, medium grey, and dark grey?


Right when the new colors of Palette were about to come out, I got the color bug and wanted to knit a blanket. I was originally going to knit a 10 Stitch Twist Blanket with Tina, in these-are-totally-not-Alison-colors, but I had a few false starts and didn’t really get into it. So sad!

Aside from being a departure from my usual favorite colors, I also left the realm of knitting! The Purl Bee blog had a beautiful crocheted granny square blanket up a while back, and something about it just got to me. I liked that it was one enormous granny square, I liked the modern colors, and I liked the idea of branching out into an easy first crochet pattern.

The center is the hardest part, but once you’re finished it’s smooth sailing. It’s nothing but little double crochet nubbins all the way around, and then you make two nubbins into the corner each round in order to increase evenly. I found a nice tutorial on how to start your granny square right here.

I love how the Palette ended up after blocking – it got softer after a wool wash bath, and the finished fabric drapes nicely. I used a non-superwash wool because, in my house, blankets are treated relatively gently. You could easily substitute a superwash or cotton yarn, though, if you wanted to be able to run it through the washing machine. It’d also be a great stash-busting pattern, since you have total control over how many rounds you do in each color.

Pattern: Granny Square Blanket (Ravelry link)
Crochet hook: 3.75mm (F)
Yarn: Palette, 5 skeins of Bittersweet Heather for the contrast, and then slightly more than a skein each of Pimiento, Serrano, Sweet Potato, Semolina, Green Tea, Edamame, Clover, Forest Heather, Tidepool Heather, Marine Heather, and Calypso Heather. I was able to make a blanket that was a whopping 90″ square.