More bang for your buck

According to our very official poll results, 79% of you are knitting at least a couple gifts this holiday season. If any of you gift knitters are on a budget, you might appreciate our Knit 1, Give 1 kits. Each of the kits marked with this logo on the product page…

…contains enough yarn to make more than one item.

So for example:
You can knit ornaments as gift tags or make one for each of your aunts, uncles, and cousins with the Tidings of Joy kit.

Or knit accessories for the little girls on your gift list with just one Belle of the Ball kit.

Both colorways of our Modern Classics Christmas Stocking kit make more than one stocking.

The Clock Tam kit makes more than one so you can make a hat AND a clock (or 2 hats…or 2 clocks…).

And the Learn to Knit Gloves kit makes more than one pair.

So if you’re looking for a way to stretch those yarn dollars, just be on the lookout for the Knit 1, Give 1 logo. These kits are a great value!! <