Mom’s Day Chill Zone

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and we know that many of you in the US will be celebrating in one way or another. Maybe you’re the mom being served burned toast and weak coffee in bed, or you’re planning a fancy brunch for your mother and extended family… or perhaps you’re spending a quiet Sunday at home. No matter what’s on your agenda, we hope knitting will be a part of your day. We’ve gathered some ideas for you: projects to knit, recipes to taste, movies to watch, and music to enjoy while you celebrate. Welcome to the Knit Picks Mom’s Day Chill Zone.

Mom's Day Chill Zone at
Hanging with the kids

I will be spending the day with my two boys Theo and Porter, and my husband Joel. The boys have planned a big breakfast for me, followed by “whatever I want to do.” I plan to relax on the couch for the afternoon – knitting, of course – while my boys run around the house having Nerf wars. We’ll finish up the day snuggled up together for family movie night.

To knit: Socks from our new Artful Arches book, knit in Hawthorne yarns.
To eat: Rainbow Popsicles and Homemade Kettle Corn
To watch: BFG (Big Friendly Giant)

Mom's Day Chill Zone at
A quiet afternoon alone

Is Dad is whisking the kids away for the afternoon so you can enjoy some quiet time? Relax and unwind with a book, listening to your favorite tunes and eating gourmet snacks that the kids would not appreciate! If you’re lucky enough to receive a Knit Picks gift card, you can spend some time browsing for the perfect Mother’s Day Gift – one you pick out yourself!

To read: Knitlandia
To eat: Gourmet Appetizer Plate
To drink: Thai Iced Tea
To shop: Sock Tool Kit
To listen: Pandora


Mom's Day Chill Zone at

The Big Shindig

Will you be spending Mother’s Day with the entire family? Don’t forget your knitting! Whether you’re escaping to the quietest corner you can find or you’re the life of the party, you’ll want to make time to work on your latest project.

To knit: Beachcomber Shawl / Beachcomber Shawl Pattern Kit
To eat: Vanilla Coffee CupcakesTo drink: Spiked Blueberry Lemonade
To watch: Mamma Mia

We hope that no matter what you have planned for Mother’s Day you enjoy it! For those that struggle on this day because of loss, we hope you’re able to spend the day doing something you love… like knitting or crocheting.