Miss Eiderdown’s Stocking pattern

Hi Everyone!

Have you all listened to parts 1 and 2 of Miss Eiderdown’s Stocking holiday story?

When I listened to the story, I was inspired to knit a special Christmas stocking of my own. We released a Miss Eiderdown’s Stocking pattern, knit with Gloss HW, and I designed duplicate stitch charts so you can add a design after you finish your stocking. There are charts for a snowman, a snowflake, and an evergreen tree (with falling snow). Can you tell I was inspired by the snowy Christmas we had in the Pacific Northwest last year? It’s also easy to add your own design. Write your name across the top. Or find a neat Fair Isle or cross stitch chart and duplicate stitch that onto your design. Or add duplicate stitch to any of your existing knitted projects.

Duplicate stitch is an easy was to add colorwork to your knitting without using stranded or intarsia techniques. You just embroider a pattern onto knitted fabric, and you can replicate the look of knitted stitches this way.

Here is a video tutorial for the duplicate stitch:

Does this technique sound familiar to you? Another name for duplicate stitch is “swiss darning” and this same stitch can be used to repair holes in your knitting. Kerin made a swiss darning tutorial as part of our sock darning series. Duplicate stitch is a clever technique that has a lot of uses in knitting! <