Sample the Mighty Stitch!

Have you ever browsed our Samplers page? It’s such a great way to save on your favorite yarns. Buy some colors you use a lot, paired with colors that complement them perfectly, and save lots of money! Who wouldn’t love that? Our favorite new yarn is Mighty Stitch, and the samplers we’re offering in this yarn are nothing short of spectacular. Check out a few great pairings:



If you’re a rainbow fan like I am, these samplers are just what you need. There’s the classic Rainbow Mighty Stitch Sampler and the lovely Soft Rainbow Mighty Stitch Sampler. Either would be great when making The Mighty Rainbow Blanket. Yours could be extra large, or you’d have enough yarn to make some spectacular accessories – or how about socks?



On the flip side, the Wolf and Deer Sampler and the Forest Lodge Sampler are perfect for a cabin or camping blanket. If you’re an avid maker of stuffies, this is the perfect yarn in the perfect shades, as it’s machine washable and would lend itself to, as its name suggests, to wolves, deer, and so many other woodland favorites (we highly recommend this book of patterns, too!).


If you’re less into hiking and more into fashion, our Cosmopolitan Sampler could be just for you. Are you a crafter getting ready for college, or do you know one who’d love these colors for a blanket on her dorm room bed? Make a color block sweater, tons of chic accessories, or a blanket to wrap yourself in to watch weekend movies. Whichever color scheme you like, our Mighty Stitch Samplers are gorgeous, at a great value. You’ll save 25%, no matter which one you choose!