Spring Launch: Jumbo Yarns + New Shiny Things!
“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ “

Robin Williams

Knit Picks Jumbo Momo Merino Yarn

Yesterday was the first official day of spring (cue the reverie) and we are SO ready for all the April showers, May flowers, and spring knits to come! With the weight of winter behind us, we’re taking a cue from Mother Nature and shedding our figurative (and literal)  layers and shifting towards brighter color palettes,  lightweight tops, and comforting wear-anywhere wraps.

Momo Merino

Knit Picks Momo Merino Jumbo Needles

First things first. Let’s address the elephant sized yarn in the room: Momo Merino! This jumbo yarn is the biggest EVER in the history of Knit Picks, and machine washable to boot. Super soft Superwash Merino is pre-knit into a tube and filled with lofty Merino roving. At an inch or more per stitch, use for arm knitting or size 50 (!) needles to whip up accessories in minutes. Inside, the roving is dyed to match, so you can be sure of your color through and through.  For a quick and super easy project, try the Momo Merino Cowl, a free pattern download!


Knit Picks Alux Baby Alpaca Yarn

If you’re more of a sparkles and glitter fan, you are IN luck. Enter Alux, a truly luxurious (hence the name) baby alpaca yarn that shimmers with metallic fibers throughout. Comprised of 66% Baby Alpaca / 34% Lurex (the sparkly bits),  your projects are sure to be both scintillating and soft at the same time. With 16 colors that mimic precious metals and gems,  you can rest assure you’ll be your most absolutely fabulous self in garments made with Alux!

Everyday Wraps

Knit Picks Exclusive Everyday Wraps Collection

Shawls made with sock yarn? It may sound counter intuitive, but with the bright color choices, cool dye effects, & tough-as-nails durability, sock yarns are in fact a brilliant choice for everyday wearable garments. The 14 colorful shawls of Everyday Wraps act as proof that sock yarn is for more than just keeping your feet comfy. It can also be for dressing up the special occasions in life and for filling everyday moments with a brilliant spectrum of color and comfort.

Socks for Everybody

Knit Picks Socks for Everybody collection

Portable and quick, with infinite variety and amazing gift potential, it’s not hard to see why so many knitters think that socks are the best projects ever and everyone should knit them. With meticulous tutorials and directions intended for the absolute sock beginner, Socks for Everybody highlights just how simple and easy socks can be. The 14 detailed, photo-illustrated tutorials will help guide you every step of the way, with instructions for both toe up and top down and 11 stitch patterns to choose from.


Knit Picks Renew Spring Tops

Time to pack away those bulky heavy sweaters and lighten up! The simple silhouettes of Renew will be the perfect additions to freshen up your spring wardrobe. With 12 patterns ranging from tees to lightweight cardigans, Renew gives you multiple options for refreshing your closet.


NEW Radiant Needles!

Knit Picks Radiant Needles

Radiant is all the rage in the Knit Picks office right now.These new needles are hot, hot, hot! Made in a similar fashion to our other wooden needles, Radiant features smooth layers of laminated birch. Added to this base is a bright incandescent array of red, orange, yellow, and purple, contrasted with dramatic black cables. The result? A stunning colorway reminiscent of a tropical sunset, available in options from full interchangeable sets to crochet hooks. See the full Radiant line of needles & hooks here!




  1. Mary M. / March 22, 2018

    Knit Picks needs to STAWP with the beautiful needles! How many duplicate sets can a girl justify just because they’re GORGEOUS?? I thought the Caspians and Majestics were beautiful and now you’ve outdone yourselves again! I’m in love. =) =) =)

  2. Kate M / March 22, 2018

    Depends on if you use jumbo needles (50 or bigger) or make it by arm knitting. You will need less with arm knitting, and given the cost, that would be the more affordable route to take. It also depends on the size of the blanket, naturally. We’re not entirely sure, as we haven’t made a blanket with it (yet), but 12-14 hanks is probably a safe bet for a 3×4′ throw that is arm knit.

  3. EmilyVictoria / March 22, 2018

    Love the needles, amazing color… But how much is it gonna cost me to make one of those jumbo yarn blankets? I’ve wanted to for a long time, but washability was my major concern, so this is a game changer.