Making Progress on my City Tweed Project!

Here’s what I have done so far on my project for the City Tweed! KAL! I’m knitting Veronik Avery’s Oblique in the Heavy Worsted City Tweed, Jaquard colorway.

There’s always been a lot of debate, as far as I can tell, over whether highly textured patterns demand a smooth, plain yarn, or whether they can work with tweeds, or other more rustic yarns. I personally feel that heathers and tweeds add a really attractive depth to textured stitch patterns. However, I’m used to doing cable work with tweed, and this is my first time attempting lace with a thick, tweedy yarn. I must say, I am enjoying it a lot, and looking forward to blocking when the lace pattern will open up just a teensy bit more.

I’m estimating that I’m 15 to 20 percent done with the knitting at this point, and I’d better get a move on, because the weather out here is turning beautiful and summery! Fortunately, knitting this yarn is such a pleasurable experience, I haven’t minded handling it in the rising temperatures. It feels so velvety and soft! Look for more progress next week! <