Knit Picks Podcast Episode 337 – Knitting and Crochet with Briana K.

Every knitter has their own path to take and follow. On today’s episode of the Knit Picks Podcast, we’re sharing a special interview. Heather Mann from the WeCrochet Podcast interviews Briana Kepner of Briana K Designs. Briana is a knit and crochet designer and one of the founders of Crochet Foundry, a quarterly publication of modern crochet designs. Briana (and the Crochet Foundry team) was recently featured on the WeCrochet Podcast but she stuck around our virtual recording studio for an extra chat to talk all about her knit designing journey. From making knits for newborn babies to having published over 300 of her designs, Briana shares some of her favorite yarns she’s found along the way.

So grab your needles and yarn and come get to know Briana Kepner. And as always happy knitting.  

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0:00 The Introduction by Producer Sarah
0:50 Heather Interviews Brianna
17:52 The Credits

Feature Image – Image copyright: Briana Kepner
ID: Image of Briana Kepner with a light blue sleeveless top, she holds a crochet hook and a neural white project in hands. There are hexagon shelves on the blue wall behind her. Plants and trinkets can be seen in the picture too.