New Colorways for Popular Knitting Patterns

Colorwork can seem like a daunting skill to master, but there is something about a blend of colors in one project that instantly makes me want to cast on! I have tackled my fears this year and am almost complete with my first colorwork sweater.

Shown from the back, a woman wears a knitted sweater with an intricate colorwork yoke in grays and white
Eldfell Pullover

When searching for the perfect pattern, I was inspired to create my own colorway instead of using the suggested colors from our kit builder on the knit pick website. After talking with some knitting friends, I realized going rogue and coming up with your own colorways is something not every knitter wants to do. I thought this post might be helpful to knitters who are hesitant to create their own colorways!

Eldfell Pullover

A model wearing a colorwork knitted pullover sweater in gray tones on the left, with 3 thumbnails of yarn on the right to suggest a new color palette: white, black, and hot pink.

First up is the colorway I am knitting my sweater in! I love the Eldfell Pullover which is knit in Wonderfluff. The traditional yoke is so fun, but I wanted to add my own bright spin to the colors. I chose to knit it the body in Bare, with bright pink hems and pops of black. I think it is turning out great!

Colors shown: Bare 27186, Wellies Heather 27197, Cosmopolitan 28692

Hillary's WIP: The Eldfell pullover in bare, hot pink, and dark gray, along with a ball of hot pink yarn.

Autumn Tweed Pullover

A model wearing a colorwork yoke knitted pullover sweater in gray, pink, and cream on the left, with 3 thumbnails of yarn on the right to suggest a new color palette: cream, teal, and chartreuse.

Next up, a fresh new colorway for the Autumn Tweed Pullover. I love the extra texture and interest that a tweed yarn adds to a project. It gives a rustic feel to this classic yoke pullover. While I love the pink and white, I thought a pretty crisp white sweater with pops of teal and green would be a fun alternative, so I chose a range of greens in City Tweed DK.

Colors shown: Snowshoe 24980, Kelp 28197, Artichoke 28198

Leadlight Hat

A model wearing a knitted hat with leaf motifs (in green and orange) on the left, with 4 thumbnails of yarn on the right to suggest a new color palette: orange, gold, tan, and brown.

Now let’s tackle the Leadlight Hat. This lovely leaf hat is perfect for Fall. I leaned into the fall theme with warm tones of orange, yellow, and rustic brown, chosen from Wool of the Andes Superwash.

Colors shown: Persimmon Heather 26322, Brass Heather 26319, Almond 26338, and Merlot Heather 26321.

Geometric Diamond Socks

Feet modeling hand-knitted socks with a diamond pattern on the left, with 2 thumbnails of yarn on the right to suggest a new color palette: multicolored green/yellow/pink and hot pink.

Socks are a fun and low-stakes way to play with your color palette. To add even more visual interest to your colorwork projects, try adding in a hand painted yarn! This bold pattern (Geometric Diamond Socks) is so pretty and I love the colorwork on the toes and ankles. Stroll is also a great yarn to mix and match dye effects because it comes in so many varieties: original Stroll, Tonal, Hand Painted and Gradient.

Colors shown: Gumball 27071 and Pucker 26401.


  1. Ruth / February 10, 2021

    I love your Eldfell, Hillary! It’s looking great.

  2. Becky Curlett / February 9, 2021

    Thanks for the post! I made the Eldfell pullover with the kit and love it so much, I’ve been looking at the colors to do it again in a different color scheme. Thanks for the ideas.