Know anyone who wants to learn to knit socks?

In an attempt to justify my current sock knitting I’ve decided to recruit more sock knitters. If everyone knits socks then my behavior will become the norm.

This is the first of five videos in the first segment of the sock knitting videos. These five videos will get a new sock knitter up to casting on and working the leg. My plan is to follow up with the second segment to work the heel flap, heel turn, picking up the heel flap stitches and starting to work on the gusset decreases.

To finish off, the third segment will show toe decreasing, Kitchener stitch and fun ways to continue with sock knitting.

To make it easy to reference the videos, I’m going to start a Discussion topic for each video with the knitters in our Sock Knitting KAL. That way we can talk about each step in its own Discussion forum.

I have structured these videos as if you were actually taking classes with me spread over several weeks. So, the second segment will take a week or so to be ready for you. In the meantime, if you know of anyone who has wanted to learn to knit socks but thought it was hard, invite them to give my video series! <