(K)needing Knucks

This weekend as I was riding my bike, I realized how ragged my beloved Knucks have gotten.  Given I knit them over 4 years ago and wear them constantly, it’s not much of a surprise.  It’s funny, I own several pairs of fingerless mitts but I always seem to lose one (sadly, my Pint Mitts is one of them) – but not my original pair of Knucks. In any case, I decided it was time for a new pair.

I’ve made multiple pairs of Knucks over the years – it seems to be the pattern I turn to I make when I need a gift. They work well for everyone and so useful!  I personally need to wear fingerless gloves when doing activities such as biking in cold weather – my hands get cold but I need my fingers free to switch gears and fingerless gloves keep my hands much warmer than fingerless mitts (like my Semplice Mitts, which I do wear a lot as well).  And the Knucks pattern is just so much fun.

I dug in my stash for an appropriate yarn and decided on Wool of the Andes in the beautiful Mineral Heather (fun fact: I loved this color so much when we had it in the old Telemark yarn line and felt it was my mission to get it in Wool of the Andes when we discontinued Telemark).

It’s always interesting when starting Knucks – you start off with a bunch of odd little pieces lying around.  My cat thought they were toys for made for her!

But once you get the fingers on the needles, they start to resemble a mitt:

I do mine 2 at a time – it’s easier for me to work on them that way (and they end up the same size!).  I also switch between double pointed needles (for the fingers) and fixed circular (for the body).  Here they are on the long circular after I added the thumb!

The long stings hanging off will be used to stitch up the holes in between the fingers, which is handy.  However, they do tend to get in the way when starting the work so I pulled them through the fingers.

I had hoped to finish them by the end of the weekend but, due to a lot of projects around the house, I only got this far by this morning:

I should have them finished this week – I really only have the cuffs left – so they’ll be ready for my next chilly bike ride on Friday morning!

You can get the Knucks pattern by clicking the link below:


Do you have a favorite pattern you knit over and over again?  Share it in the comments!

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  1. Nicole / May 23, 2013

    I just found this blog entry, and I had to tell you that I’m so amused that I found someone who makes Knucks the *exact* same way I do! And this is definitely the one pattern I return to over and over. I’ve made a lot of fingerless gloves over the years, but this pattern is by far my favorite.