Kitten Mittens

When I first told my friend I wanted to knit Kitten Mittens, she assumed I meant mittens for kittens, not mittens that look like kittens! I’ve done my fair share of charity knitting, and I do like volunteering at the humane society, but even I draw the line at knitting teeny tiny mittens for little kitten paws. Can you imagine? The poor little cats would slip and slide all over the place!

I found the pattern on Ravelry for free (thanks Alyssa Lynough!), and I used Brava Worsted in Dove Heather and Black. They knit up so quickly, in just one week, and they were really fun to knit. I even have enough yarn left over to make another pair. I think Brava was a good choice because I know I can toss them in the wash when they get grimy, and I won’t accidently felt 100% acrylic.

I’ve named the black and grey one Tyrone and the grey and black one Elliot after two cats I had in college. Looking down at them while I’m driving to work makes me smile every morning. It turns out I finished them just in time, we finally got snow for the first time this winter! Thank goodness for my trusty Kitten Mittens! Have any of your handknits come in handy yet this winter season?