Felted slippers… perfect for these cold winter days!

When it gets cold outside, there’s nothing better than to snuggle your feet in a cozy pair of felted slippers!  They are so toasty warm! I have made many as gifts and for myself.  Wool of the Andes  is the perfect yarn for these projects, and my preferred yarn of choice. I used worsted weight for this project.  This last week I finished a pair for a good friend of mine using the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs pattern. (I love this pattern! They have a double sole which felts nice and thick.) Before felting, these slippers look enormous!

prefelted clogs

There’s a 10″ harmony straight needle next to it to give you an idea of the size.  (I used some of the old WoTA colors from my stash).  My friend has small feet so these are the smallest adult size the pattern has. 

After I was done knitting both pair, I threw them in the washing machine with hot soapy water along with a pair of jeans. Typically it takes 1 1/2 wash cycles in my machine.  I have a ruler close by to measure the inside foot to make sure I felt to the right size. This is the finished slipper next to the same knitting needle:

felted clogs

The bottoms tend to be slippery on hardwood floors so I have used puff paint in the past to create a non-skid bottom.  In the case of these, Mary wanted to do the “Risky Business” slide, so no puff paint for her slippers!

The first time I felted, it was a bit scary because for so long I was told you don’t want to
accidently put your wool garments in the washing machine and now I’m
doing it on purpose!

Have you tried any felting projects?