It’s not the organizing that’ll kill you!

I had an epiphany last night. I spent Saturday cleaning my closet and pulling out my stash. Last fall I had organized my stash. I was inspired by my Sock Summit’s purchases. As I laid everything out on the living room floor, I pulled up Ravelry. 

I have been very slow catching on to the tools available to me in Ravelry. I just learned how to search for projects based on the yarn weight. I decided to see what I could find to use up my collection of lace yarns. After clicking on the Patterns button on the main Ravelry page, I put “lace weight yarn” in the Search block.

That’s when I realized that organizing my stash isn’t really the challenge – it’s the assigning of projects that takes time and a lot of consideration. Without a plan, my stash would go back into my closet looking much more appealing but likely to sit there forgotten. A terrible fate for yarns I love.

I still need to make notes in my Springpad system, but look what I found for my lace yarn collection.

Filtes Shetland by Michelle Porter

Leaf and Trellis Stole by Jane Sowerby

Barb’s Koigu Ruffle by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

Malagash Square Shawl by Mimi Fautley

Stripes and Torchen Stole by Jane Sowerby

Ennid Laceweight Shawl by Lucinda Guy

Flutter Scarf by Miriam Felton

Kalia Stole by Anastasia Benzel

Windswept Shawl by Dorothy Siemens

Traditional Danish tie Shawl by Dorothea Fischer

Radiance Shawl by Helen Stewart

So many choices from yarns I already have in my home!