Introducing: Interlude

Homebodies rejoice! Our newest collection, Interlude, just *might* be the ultimate indoor knitwear collection of your dreams. If you’ve been on the hunt for cozy, stylish knits with a relaxed + subdued vibe, this collection is for you. If you love the soft drape and lush warmth of alpaca yarns, this collection is for you. If you live for comforting oversized sweaters, this collection IS FOR YOU.

Knit Picks Cassidy sweater
Designer: Maria Leigh

Cassidy Sweater – Perhaps my favorite cotton yarn that we sell is our Comfy Color Mist (formerly known as just Color Mist), a supple blend of Pima cotton and acrylic. Part of what I love SO much about it is the subtle mottled colors it comes in, which in the case of the Cassidy Sweater, create a kind of faux-textural appearance, without the added bulk created by more complex stitches. This simple top is perfect for pairing with your favorite jeans and sneakers.

Knit Picks Luxury Lounge Sweater
Designer: Holli Yeoh

Luxury Lounge – What do you get when you combine the luxury of Aloft and Alpaca Cloud yarns with a simple broken fisherman’s rib stitch? The plush Luxury Lounge sweater, that’s what. With details like a bi-level split hem and generous positive ease, the result is a modern + easygoing shape that’s both flattering and relaxed.

Knit Picks Hot Toddy Socks
Designer:  Meredith Wills

Hot Toddy Socks – Put a little pep in your step with the comfy, argyle-inspired Hot Toddy Socks! These are the kind of socks you’ll want to show off, rather than wearing them with shoes—perfect for keeping your feet toasty warm on the coldest of nights.

Knit Picks Lounge Sweater
Designer: Violet LeBeaux

Lounge Sweater – While not oversized in form, the gorgeous fit of the Lounge Sweater engages the eye with its bias slant and linear details. Knit in Comfy Worsted yarn, the softness of Pima cotton makes this pullover next-to-skin soft, like a gentle, reassuring hug.

Designer: Megan Dial

Vineyard Ruana – Knit in mega-luxurious Bare Shimmer Bulky yarn, the warm, enveloping Vineyard Ruana makes the prospect of another winter storm a little less daunting and A LOT more cozy.

Knit Picks Hyggelig Cushion
Designer: Nina Talbot

Hyggelig Cushion – With a plump, bi-color Honeycomb Brioche stitch at the forefront, the Hyggelig Cushion is sure to make the perfect companion for your next Netflix marathon.

Looking for more inspiration? This is just the tip of the cozy iceberg, folks. There are even MORE gorgeous, cozy patterns included in this Hygge inspired collection that I didn’t even mention, which you can see here. Enjoy!

P.S. All of this talk of soft alpaca yarns and oversized sweaters has made me a little sleepy, so I’m going to go take a little nap. Until next time, stash-ers….


  1. Maurya Allen / March 19, 2019

    I was interested in a couple of the pullover patterns in this new collection. But I can’t seem to find out how much yarn I should order for my size. It’s frustrating to have to place an order to buy the pattern just to find out how much yarn to purchase in a second order. Is there any way that information could be listed on the pattern pages?

    • Kate M / March 19, 2019

      There is a “kit builder” on each individual pattern’s page. You can select the size you intend to make and see different color options. This feature requires that you run Adobe Flash Player, so you’ll have to enable that function. Hope this helps!