Introducing Hawthorne Tonal (plus colors in Multi!)

IT’S HERE!!! The newest addition to our popular Hawthorne yarn family is Hawthorne Tonal, featuring beguiling, shifting depths of rich color. These 12 hand painted lovelies provide a subtle and sophisticated counterpoint to the wild chromo-diversity of Hawthorne Multi.  And least you think it’s a repeat of our Hawthorne Kettle Dye, take a closer look. While Kettle Dye features several shades of the same color, Tonal brings in touches of analogous colors, with undertones and highlights of tones from similar color families.

Can you just imagine the brilliant shawls, sweaters, socks and hats these would make? Drool!


In case you can’t choose which colors you like best, we created a yarn pack of all the new Hawthorne Tonal colors, for 20% off!

As if that weren’t enough color excitement for one day, we’ve added gorgeous new colors to our Hawthorne Multi line!

I’m dreaming of alll the shawls and baby sweaters in these beauties!

The indisputably gorgeous full color line of Hawthorne Multi.

If you are itching to try all the new colors, we made a yarn value pack for the colors as well, at 20% off!

A perfect pattern to test our new colors out on is the free Eponine Shawlette! It’s a fun and easy to knit crescent, with a drop stitch border accenting the garter stitch body. We’ve knit it in Hawthorne Speckle in Graffiti and Hawthorne Tonal in Sweet Home. While the sample is knit in fingering weight yarn, the pattern is adjustable to any size and yarn weight desired.

New Hawthorne yarn from

Stacey, our Outreach Director here at Knit Picks, knit the slouchy Garter Ridge hat in Hawthorne Tonal in Hood River. Isn’t the bold crimson gorgeous with the winey red purples of burgundy and bordeaux to subtle highlights of floral pink?

Which colors are your favorites? We can’t wait to see what you make with them!


  1. Jen / August 4, 2017

    I just received the printed catalog and saw that the printed version had all of the Hawthorne names listed. That info will be very helpful for future purchases.

  2. Jen / July 28, 2017

    The new colors are beautiful! Could someone label all of the yarn colors in picture #6? I think this same picture is in the new catalog but no color names are listed there. This will be a big help when shopping! Thanks!

  3. juanellbo / July 28, 2017

    Hawthorne is one of my favorite yarns. I buy a lot of it. I have also bought a lot of Chroma because I like the colorways, but it is definitely NOT one of my favorite yarns. I hope you will develop a new hawthorne with the long self striping colorways of Chroma. It would be fine with me if you phased out chroma and replaced it with hawthorne in similar colorways..