Free Gemology Dishcloth Pattern

Welcome to Week 29 of our Clean & Crafty Free Pattern series! We’re over halfway through 2017, which is hard to believe. This week, our cute pattern features a fun design created with simple knits and purls – check out the Gemology Dishcloth!

Free Gemology Dishcloth Pattern from

This great dishcloth is by one of our favorite designers Joyce Fassbender (who I just chatted with a few weeks back on the podcast!). It’s knit in one piece, with a garter border and mirroring zigzag design on a reverse stockinette background. It looks amazing on both sides too, which for me is always preferable. This can easily be knit in a hard wearing yarn like Dishie for the kitchen but we chose Shine for its cheery colors. This makes it perfect for a facecloth – Shine’s softness feels lovely against the skin and the rich texture can gently clean your skin. Plus the bright colors will get you smiling, even if it’s first thing on a Monday morning!

Be sure to download this sweet pattern at the links below – and check back here each week to see the newest pattern.

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